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Find out more about the common pests found in properties throughout the Atherton Tablelands region and how we treat them, here.

At Dual Force Pest Management, we have more than 20 years’ experience eradicating pests with our low-odour, chemical treatments. These advanced solutions will remove your pest problem and keep it from coming back.

Do you have and infestation of one of these pests? Enquire about our pest control methods today.


While there are many species of cockroaches found in Australia, only 3 are commonly found to be pests in homes and businesses. These are the German, American and Australian cockroaches.

Cockroaches can carry a number of diseases and, if they contaminate food supplies, can be potentially harmful to your health and safety. Home remedies may work for a time, however, cockroaches are very adaptable and will find ways around them.

Our pest control team understands cockroach habits and weaknesses, tailoring an effective elimination and prevention strategy for your property. When it comes to treatments, we use the best industry practices which are safe and environmentally friendly.

For both residential and commercial properties in Atherton Tablelands, we highly recommend regular inspections for cockroach infestations.


Termites, also known as white ants, eat wood and other materials such as cardboard and paper. There are more than 300 species of termite, with only a few causing headaches for homeowners. Despite the name ‘white ants’ and colony characteristics, termites have no relation to ants—they’re much closer to cockroaches!

Termites eat timber from within, leaving a paper-thin shell on the outside that appears mottled, wrinkled or stained. In homes, termites infest areas such as doorframes, skirting boards, architraves, subfloor timbers and framing.

If you suspect a termite problem, we strongly suggest booking a termite inspection. In the event termites are found, Dual Force Pest Control uses Termidor products to effectively eliminate them.

Are you buying a property? You could save yourself thousands of dollars in repairs to termite-damaged property with one of our pre-purchase termite inspections.


Rodents are incredibly unhygienic, posing a significant health and safety risk for food contamination and the spread of disease. The common rat and house mouse often hide in wall cavities, cupboards, boxes, furniture and burrows.

Signs you have a rat or mouse problem are scratching sounds, rodent droppings, greasy rub marks on surfaces, chewed food packages and damage to wood, paper or plastic.

With our experienced exterminators on your side, your property will be free and protected from rodents for a long time to come.


Silverfish can live for years if left unchecked. They are most active at night, moving quickly and eating virtually anything in their path. This includes clothing, books and even wallpaper.

Due to their versatile and adaptive nature, they can be hard to control. At Dual Force Pest Management, we have many years of experience successfully eradicating silverfish from properties. Our team will identify the dark and damp places where these pests live and clear them out.

To be able to remove silverfish effectively and prevent their return, we use a chemical-based approach. Our sprays are very environmentally friendly and safe.


There are a few wasp species that are found in urban areas and can become very aggressive if their nest is disturbed. While wasps are beneficial for pollination, they Wasps

There are a few wasp species that are found in urban areas and can become very aggressive if their nest is disturbed. While wasps are beneficial for pollination, they can pose a danger to people and pets, especially if stung repeatedly or if allergic.

If left untreated, wasp numbers can rapid develop. The nests are often built in sheltered spots with easy access such as wall cavities, roof spaces, under eaves, sheds or garages.

Our Atherton Tablelands pest control team will remove wasp nests or hives from your home, garden or business.


Australia is home to many spiders, all with different appearances, habits and levels of toxicity. Red back spiders, white tail spiders, wolf spiders and black house spiders are all common species we find on properties.

As all of these spiders have very different behaviours, it is better to leave them alone and trust our knowledgeable experts to remove them for you. We can come to your home or business on short notice to provide treatments and ensure these pests are kept away away.


Fleas are a nuisance as they will bite both pets and humans—cat and dog fleas being the worst offenders. If the source of a flea problem is not removed completely, their numbers will multiply rapidly.

Using odourless and environmentally friendly chemical sprays, our team can put a stop to these pests and eradicate the eggs waiting to hatch.


Ticks pose many serious health risks to both humans and their furry friends. Just one tick can be dangerous on its own, so an infestation should be taken care of immediately. In fact, one female tick can lay thousands of eggs alone.

It can be very difficult to spot ticks due to their size. Some breeds live close to the ground in tall grass or shrubs, while others can be found in trees dropping onto passing hosts.

Wherever they live, our pest control team will find and eradicate them with the appropriate treatments. We use a combination of methods to help reduce tick populations and provide long-lasting protection.


Ants are hard to control with household sprays at they only eradicate the ants you can’t see, not reaching the queen in the their underground nest.

To remove ants completely and effectively, you need Atherton Tablelands’ pest control experts—Dual Force Pest Management. Our team has provided advanced ant control solutions for more than 20 years. We set up non-toxic, chemical barriers across all entry points to prevent ants from entering your property, before we deal with the nest.

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